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Lovense bluetooth adapter


Connect Any Lovense Toy To a Windows PC

Super easy set up that doesn't require any technical skills.
Once set, you can have up to two toys connected at the same time!

any lovense toys bluetooth logo dongle

The Easiest & Fastest Set Up Process!

Connect any Lovense toy to a Windows PC in two easy steps!

1 dongle pc Connect Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to your Windows PC
2 lovense connect logo Log into the "Lovense Connect" app and connect your toy
2 lovense remote logo Log into the "Lovense Remote" app and connect your toy


Connect Max 2 to a Windows PC and play "Mirror Life"!

2 lovense connect logo Download "Mirror Life" VR Game, connect your toy, and play
lovense usb adapter

Compatible with:

  • Windows 7/8/10/11

Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter is customized exclusively to connect Lovense toys to a Windows PC.

Note: Lovense toys cannot be connected by other generic Bluetooth dongles.

What's included:

(1) USB Bluetooth AdapterMight come in different colours.

lovense usb bluetooth packaging

Special lovense usb bluetooth adapter offer when buying any toy

when buying any toy

Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter



Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter

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4.9 out of 5
Based on 17 ratings
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Connects easily.
Bluetooth adapter that allows me to control my now new favorite toy on my computer.
No problems with this at all, works really well with the Lush 3
Its a nice convenience item. I already use my computer for the porn, so its handy to be able to tab over and easily adjust everything on a large screen compared to my small phone screen. Its also $5 instead of $12 if you buy a toy alongside it, so you may as well.
It works as it promises. Though the PC app doesnt have the loop and float modes that are found in the phone version. For this, creating patterns would be a decent work around; if you are aware of which vibe gets you going.
Lovense Gift

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